I am Curt Poff

A career web guy living out in the desert. Volunteer DJ on community radio. 1992 "Chemist of the Year" at Tracer Research. Long-time content contributor to the "You might also like ..." recommendation engine on Netflix.

Kansas City Chiefs & Royals, Portland Timbers & Trail Blazers, Newcastle United, plus Mizzou, Portland State, and the Arizona Wildcats. Onetime season-ticket holder at FC Tucson.

I'm not much on social media theses days, having switched off Facebook years ago. Instagram mostly has pics of my dog now. And like a few people, I recently abandoned my Twitter account.

Stops along the professional line include the aforementioned Tracer Research, Nando (curt@nando.net), The Arizona Republic, Macworld (co-authored the famous Snell-Poff weighting algorithm ... with some other guy), Walmart.com, Portland Code School, Nike (contractor), and the Univ. of Arizona.

Email me if you must.